Terms & Conditions Of Carriage Owners Risk

  1. Nature contents this condition and the value of the consignments are unknown to Transport Company. The company carries the goods as packed at Owner’s Risk.
  2. The company does not guarantee of delivery with in any specified time and the company shall not be liable of any delay in transport or delivery not due to any negligence or default of the carrier or his agents or servants.
  3. In the event or any interruption of through communication on the booked or customary route due to the causes beyond the control of the company it will be with in the discretion of the company to cause the traffic to be carried by the next shortest open route but only on the conditions applying or the booked or customary route in respect of the consignment being equally operative over the route by which the consignment is carried not with standing change of the route of carrier the transport for reasons of the company.
  4. The company shall not be liable for any loss or damage due to pilferage their weather condition, strikes is to disturbs fire expositor accident provided however all reasonable precautions near taken to be provide against contingencies.
  5. Delivery of goods should be taken from Company’s godown with in a week of their arrival failing which a god own rent of Rs. 3/- per quintal or part there of per day will be charged. The consignor or consignee or the holder of the Receipt interested shall a certain the date one time of arrival from the company.
  6. The company under takes and shall delivery the goods in the like of contain order & condition as received subject to any deterioration goods resulting from natural causes affect to temperature weather condition etc. to the consignee or this order or his assigns on the relative receipt being surrendered to the Company duly discharged by the Bank through with which the receipt has been negotiated or on the holder of the receipt producing a letter from such Bank authorizing delivery at the goods & only the holder of the receipt are titled to delivery as aforesaid shall have right of recourse against the Company for all claims arising thereon.
  7. The Company has the right re-weight remosure and recalculate the rates at the place of destination before delivery for reason assigned in writing and only in presence of the holder or the receipt or his duly authorized agent and to called any commission or under charge.
  8. The company reserved the right or refuse goods transport assigning any reason.
  9. The company shall have the right to dispose of perishable lying undelivered after 48 hours of the arrival without any notice and other goods after 30 days of arrival after the notice in writing to Consignor or holder interested and the claim be entitled or the processed less freight and demurrages.
  10. The company shall not be responsible if the goods are detained seized confiscated by government Authorities.
  11. The consignor shall be primarily liable to pay the transport charges and all other incidental charges if any at the office of the Company at or other agreed place.
  12. The Company shall have the right to entrust the goods at any other lorry or service for transport the event of the goods being so entrusted by the company to another carrier the other carrier shall between the company deemed to be company’s agent to that Company shall not with standing the delivery of the goods to the other carrier continue to be responsible for the safety of the goods and for due delivery at the destination.
  13. In local shifting box will be handover to Relocation Company. If box kept by the customer the Rs. 80 will be charged per box.
  14. Any Bike/Car household damage liability will be settled by insurance company.
  15. If insurance is not done by customer then the goods will be booked at owner risk only.
  16. During transit if any goods Lost/ Damaged any circumstances and if the Goods is booked on Owners Risk then company will be not liable to pay any claims in any conditions for the goods.
  17. For Bike/Car transportation minimum Petrol/Diesel required 2Ltr for Bike & 10Ltr for Car for Pickup & Delivery.
  18. Any Pickup/delivery of goods or Bike/Car will be in city Range – 15 kms beyond for our delivery point. That Rs.400 will be changed extra for Bike Rs. 800 will be changed extra for Car.
  19. After sending the Quotation once the Consignment is Booked and the Advance Token Paid then only Booking Dates can be changed. No Refund will be initiated for any Cancellation of Booking in any conditions.
  20. The court in Pune alone shall have jurisdiction in respect of all claims and the matters rising under the consignment of the goods entrusted for transport the company is not responsibly for leakage, breakage & illegal goods Received the goods as specified overleaf signature of consignee or agent.

Schedule of Normal Storage & Demurrage Charges :

  1. The demurrage of Rs. 3/- per quintal per day will be charged and detention charge for a lorry will be charged at Rs. 800/- per day.
  2. “DOOR DELIVERY” against surrendering the CONSIGNEE COPY on arrival of lorry or else consignee may collect from the carriers godown.

General Terms & Conditions :

  1. GSTIN details should be shared in advance, no changes will be made to final Invoice once generated from the system.
  2. Quotation provided will be valid, if approved within Fifteen (15) days of submission and the move occurs within Thirty (30) days.
  3. Written confirmation of this quotation is required along with the payment of Gross Freight and GST(if applicable) prior to the commencement of packing,
    Settlement of balance payment will be prior to the dispatch of consignment from origin.

Transit Time: (Excluding the pickup & delivery day)

Type of Consignment

Kms Run / Per Day

Volume >= 1000 CFT.

300 Kms

Volume < 1000 CFT.

250 Kms

Shared Consignment

150 Kms


250 Kms

  1. We will charge for the actual volume involved and therefore, if the volume is more than our estimates, we will increase our charges proportionately.
  2. If packing is being done by the client it must be in road worthy condition and each item should be valued properly in the Inventory List.
  3. Cloth Sheet, LED/LCD Box, Perfect Box and other material is the property of Packers And Movers Experts (PAME). It should be returned back to PAME after unloading on the same day. Any detention for whatever reasons will be an unauthorized act inviting appropriate actions.
  4. The locking/Unlocking of machines/appliances and any other electronic gadget which requires the technical assistance of manufacturer or their
    authorized dealer, to make them suitable for safe transport must be arranged by Client/the transporter at least 24 hours before the packing starts. The Client is most essential as these appliances are covered either by warranty or service contract.
  5. All Electronic items/computers are packed on an as is where is basis. As such company does not accept any liability whatsoever for any defect /
    malfunctioning if any, at the destination.
  6. Client must arrange for the disconnection of all electrical equipments and appliances prior to the commencement of packing.
  7. In case of Car/Bike Transportation, Registration book, Tax book, PUC certificate and valid comprehensive insurance policy will be required en route and
    must be handed over prior dispatch.
  8. In case of Car movement, 16 Ltrs. Petrol/Diesel must be available in the car (in case of excess fuel, it will be drained out for safety purpose). This fuel is required to run vehicle up to the ramp point and in the same way from ramp to client door. The distance may group to 70 + 70 = 140 Kms. For location’s where car carrier cannot travel, vehicle will be road driven by a skilled driver, the distance in such a case may come up to 250 to 300 Kms.
  9. In case of Motor Bike movement, there should be no fuel in the vehicle. If there will be any fuel then the same will be drained out at the time of loading.
  10. M/s Packers And Movers Experts (PAME) will not be held responsible for any delay in delivery due to factors beyond its control like natural calamities, strike, accidents etc.
  11. While we will arrange for the movement of potted plants it will subject to the availability of space in the truck, please note that carriage of potted plants will be done solely at Owners risk.

Transit Risk Coverage :

  1. Despite best efforts, damages may happen to the consignment due to the geographical terrain of the country. So we always try to elaborate our clients on
    the risk coverage booking of PAME and recommend them to pay risk coverage cheque for their consignment.
  2. Transit Risk Coverage is arranged for HHG @ 3.00% and for Car @ 1.50% of the total declared value.
  3. Client must record proper value in the Inventory Sheet. The Inventory sheet will be treated as a final document in claim settlement, if any.
  4. In case of minor and repairable damages, the client need to initially give a claim letter and quotes for repair estimates from an authorized vendor to
    process the risk coverage claim.
  5. Any claim should be intimated and lodged within 72 hours of delivery of the goods. In case of Car/Bike, claim should be intimated and lodged within 12
  6. In case, risk coverage is not opted for, then by paying the Booking Advance Token Amount Customer Declare that he agree the Terms And Conditions of PAME. In such a case all items of the consignment including Car/Bike will be transported at owner’s risk for which no claim will be entertained at a later.
  7. The carrier or it’s agent shall be exempted from any loss or damage through accident/pilferage, fire/rain/collision/any other road or river hazard, we
    therefore recommend that goods should be covered under carrier risk by paying additional charges as FOV. No individual policy/receipt from insurance
    co. will be given. PAME will only issue GCN under Carrier Risk, (Section 11, Carriage by Road Act, 2007).
  8. In case of Car/Bike or other articles only exterior damages will be entertained, no claim will be paid for any internal or mechanical fault.
  9. Goods Forwarding Note, being the statutory document, contained terms and conditions, in detail for transportation of HHG.


Below Services Are Excluded From The Quotation But If Requested Will Be Charged Additional:

  1. Any professional third party services such as electrician/plumber/carpenter, multiple pick-ups/ deliveries, storage related costs in transit, vehicle/labor detention and overtime beyond normal working hours, working on Sundays, Public holidays, staggered origin/destination services, handling of items which cannot be handled through a normal door/staircase/elevator, society/landlord permission and fees, if applicable, any force majeure situation.
  2. Shuttle service due to access/parking restrictions, delivery to high rise buildings and use of extra manpower for walking stairs, hoist, handling of heavy
    objects like pianos, safes etc.
  3. Mandatory Labour Union charges which are applicable at Mumbai or any other location will be billed as actual or can be paid to the Labour Union directly.
  4. Any fees /permissions required to extend PAME services at client’s location like society tax, society permission, Society parking fees etc. will be borne
    by client.

Restricted Items :

We do not accept to move perishable goods, Jewellery, Arms & Ammunitions, Hazardous material like Crackers, Explosives, Chemicals, Filled Gas Cylinder, Battery Acids, and Inflammable Oils; such as Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene, Gasoline, Narcotics & Counter brand Items.

To Be Done By Client Before Packing :

  1. Client must keep all their oil containers in sealed condition to avoid spoilage due to oil leakage. (Only edible oil and other items that are non inflammatory in nature will be considered for transportation.)
  2. Refrigerator must be defrosted 24 hours prior to the packing to avoid water seepage.
  3. All Batteries must be drained of their acids and should be empty before loading.
  4. Gas Cylinders must be kept empty before packing date.
  5. All items that require dismantling and assembling should be done before the packing date by client, if these services are not taken from PAME.

Document Checklist :

  1. 2 passport size photographs in case of Household goods movement & 4
    in case of Car + Household goods movement.
  2. GST Details and Work Order (In case of Corporate Movement, where
    payment is to be made by the company directly to PAME)
    Note: The Quotation, sent by mail shall be deemed having received by the
    customer if signed copy is not received back.
  1. Vehicle documents are required in case of Car or Bike movement
    (Registration Book,
    Tax Book, PUC Certificate, Insurance copy.)
  2. Declaration Letter (Format is shared over mail)
  3. ID Proof: Passport, Aadhar Card, Voter ID.
  4. PAN Card Details

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